Getting CMMI Certified-ISO 9001 Fairfax VA-ISO PROS #46

Getting CMMI Certified in Fairfax, Virginia (VA)

Many people get confused when they have to hear the statement about CMMI certification. The CMMI Institute is not in charge of certifying different organizations that claim to have conformed to CMMI requirements. It is a task that is done with a third-party that is chosen by the organization.

CMMI is not a standard in the real sense, but rather a guideline on how to improve the efficiency of an organization and realizing the performance. That is the reason why it is very difficult to get an accredited body that certifies organizations that have achieved better performance while implementing these guidelines. Many service providers tend to skew towards the international standards that are very definite.

What is the validity of the CMMI certificate?

You may take long before you get to learn what you need to implement about CMMI. And once you get the certification, it is not a lifetime certificate. The maximum validity for it is three years, just like the certificate validity for many other ISO standards. Once you get it, you still have to maintain it by contentiously registering improvement in the `performance and efficiency of your organization.


What benefits come with CMMI certification?

CMMI certification is only beneficial to the organization that is certified. We have already stated an increase in efficiency and performance that is realized when you get to implement the guidelines outlined in this model. Who doesn’t desire an improvement in performance? It is the main aim of every business plan that we write down for our businesses and projects.

What do you need to get CMMI certification?

Certification might take you a very long time if you don’t follow the laid-out procedures. For your organization to be through with this within the shortest time possible, you will need to follow the following steps:

Perform gap analysis – This is a very crucial step that will help you in knowing the existing gaps that need to be filled as defined by the CMMI model level in question. Any future decisions that will be made specifically depend on the results obtained here.

Training – You and all your staff need to learn all about the new industry standards, best practices, methodologies, and organizational procedures that are in line with the CMMI models. This is the phase where new processes are designed and developed.

Tune-up – This is the final touch given to the processes developed in the previous stages. The plan or process is put into action at this stage.

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