Getting ISO 14001 Certified-ISO 9001 Fairfax VA-ISO PROS #46

Getting ISO 14001 Certified in Fairfax, Virginia (VA)

What is ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 is a widely recognized and used standard that has been in place for quite sometimes. It is a standard for establishing and implementing an environmental management system that is acceptable and very effective. It is also generic, just like many other international standards. If you are planning to reduce the impact that your business has on the environment, then you need to understand the requirements of ISO 14001 and implement it.

ISO 14001 helps an organization to better manage their processes that leave behind trails on the environment. You can reduce your environmental footprint by simply implementing this standard even if you don’t get certified. However, certification is key to further benefit from it. You will not be getting what you deserve if you don’t have a certificate to show compliance.


Why should you take environmental management seriously?

Many organizations have made it a priority to manage the environment. It is a good trend that everyone should be following without further questions. The small steps that you take towards reducing the environmental pollution of any form play a big role in conserving the environment for future prosperity. There are many benefits of environmental management that we are not going to mention here, but in general, you do it for you and me and for the future generation.

By getting the ISO 14001 certification, you show the whole world that you are responsible for keeping the environment clean and carry out other obligations. Apart from reducing the environmental impacts of your organization, the environmental management system increases efficiency and reduces cost.

Benefits of ISO 14001 Management

Getting certified for ISO 14001 comes with the following advantages:

  • Gives you an upper hand in the environmental industry
  • Conserves the environment by reducing the negative impacts
  • Creates environmental awareness within the organization
  • Reduces cost for waste management thereby improving an efficiency
  • Increases profit
  • Improves the organization’s reputation

How do you get certified?

This is a process that begins with the basic training on the ISO 14001 specifications for an environmental management system followed by the implementation of the same. Once implemented successfully, the next step is certification. We are a third-party organization that is certified and licensed to service Fairfax and Virginia in general with the implementation and certification for ISO 14001 compliance.

When you are ready for the implementation and certification, then you can apply for it from us. We are professionals with experience in ISO 14001 certification. You can trust us to get your organization certified through two main steps: First assessment and final auditing.

The first assessment is nothing but just a justification that your organization is ready for final auditing that will lead to certification. It is conducted by our experts who are very much experienced in the process. Once done, a date will be set for the final auditing. That will be done against the ISO 14001 requirements. If it passes, then your organization will be certified and a certificate issued.